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About the Writer: Kimberly Avalos

Kimberly Avalos started this blog as a freshman at St. John’s University but is currently about to begin the Master of Arts program at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She does not aspire to be a mere reporter, but was driven by the ideals of NYU’s program in Cultural Reporting and Criticism at the creation of this blog.

Essentially, she is driven by an edifying approach to journalism that align with her ideals to escape ignorance and her passion for learning and comprehension. Rather than merely documenting news events, she strives to better grasp the complicated reality that frames their occurrence. This field promotes analysis for writers, like Kimberly, who have a passion to understand connections between news events and their context.

She hopes to practice and exercise these skills through this blog.

In view of the paradigm shift toward a modern, digital platform, Kimberly is pursuing a graduate education to learn the marketable skills that would allow her to work in the profession: multimedia storytelling, how to build web audiences, the business of media, etc. It is only with these skills that she can continue to foster deeper relationships with her audience in an effort to illuminate the world by telling the stories that construct reality.

Kim’s inspiration is her extremely intelligent and intuitive mother, whom she considers her hero and from whom she learned the importance of humility, acceptance and learning. She also finds inspiration in her youngest 9-year-old sister, who embodies absolute bliss, optimism, and love.


2 comments on “About the Writer: Kimberly Avalos

  1. lilypetal91
    December 15, 2012

    Your writing is incredible. Glad to have stumbled upon you. Lily

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