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Injustice in the Education System

Students all over the country are not benefitting from a universal/single education. There are educational injustices at play in the United States that suggest unequal opportunities for students.

To begin with, surveys such as the US News and World Report indicate how colleges and universities have been broken down to levels of prestige and rank. The differences may be study abroad opportunities, accessibility to internships, perhaps passionate professors, valuable resources like a Writing Center, or clubs and activities, however all these factors contribute to the categorization of educational institutions. Moreover, they define the disproportion of opportunity.

How can one compare the education given at an Ivy League like Columbia University and Harvard, to the ones at a community college like LaGuardia Community College that only requires a high school diploma for admission?

Students similarly belong to their own classification system; they are classified in terms of social class and level of aptitude. Students are marked by their apparent intelligence, consequently denied the opportunity to attend a prestigious college if their academic report card does not qualify. Likewise, a student from a lower-income family cannot possibly afford to go to a college that asks for $60,000 a year in tuition and residency, despite their academic abilities to attend that school.

The education has, then, reserved the right to discriminate.

One may argue without grades, what other merit can universities use as a requirement? Yet what is not taken into account is that students wish to attend college to learn. No other factor can guarantee success but the willingness to reach it. All students should have the opportunity to attend a prestigious college if they wish, because they deserve that quality education.

The ideals of the education system have evolved to ones that do not offer the best of the best value in education to all students, rather, to only a selected few.

In a country that promotes the value of an education, the education system should exercise higher flexibility. Education should be just that, an education, with no conditions, requirements or selectiveness. Don’t you agree that all students deserve that right and should not be deprived of that right because of unnecessary restrictions upon them? As a country, we understand the value of becoming an educated individual however act in a way that says otherwise; that only some can reach such heights.


2 comments on “Injustice in the Education System

  1. gringadchicureo
    December 13, 2012

    Interestingly enough there is no right to an education in the US constitution(See 10th amendment). I will give credit to the USA for making the effort to educate everybody as opposed to other countries where believe me, it is an honor to attend the most meager school.

    • The Cultural Columnist
      December 13, 2012

      Well there should be, I consider it an unofficial right! 🙂 Nonetheless, I see your point, the US makes education a priority. However, for willing students, opportunities are sometimes limited, which is an issue I wanted to get at in my post. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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